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Discover the Power of Purpose in Your Life
Discover the Power of Purpose in Your Life

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 "What Are You Missing? Discovering the Power of Purpose in Your Life"

(For ages 18 and up. Biblical version only at this time.)


Have you ever wondered if there was something significant missing in your life, as if it were the critical piece to the puzzle of your life? 

No, it's not a girlfriend, boyfriend, or even a spouse. 

No, it's not that big promotion at work or the winning ticket to some multi-million dollar sweepstakes. 

No--it's much bigger than all of these.

Wondering what it is?  It's purpose - the God-given compass of your life.

"Inspiring!"  "Powerful!"  "Loaded with information!"  These are just a few examples of responses given by individuals who have attended this seminar.  Packed with colorful illustrations and anecdotes, this powerful powerpoint presentation will help you discover--

  • The relationship between "calling" and "purpose"
  • How the growth of a tree illustrates the development of purpose in your life
  • Four things you will encounter on your pathway to purpose

Seminar participants will learn why we believe-- "to live with purpose is to live on purpose."  A question-and-answer session is held at the conclusion of the presentation.  Audio CD recordings of this seminar are available (see "products" below).

Time Length:  Approximately 90 minutes

Fee: (See below)



 "Y.E.P - Youth Embracing Purpose"


 (For ages 15-18)

Franklin D. Roosvelt once said, "you cannot always build the future for our youth; but we can build our youth for the future."  In this seminar, youth will be challenged to--


  • Reflect critically on their interests and natural giftedness
  • Discover their own purpose
  • Learn the various potholes that lie in the road to their success. 




  "What Do You See? Discover Your Potential"

(For ages 12-15. Biblical and non-biblical versions available for your church or other youth group.)


James Garfield once wrote, "there is nothing in the world so inspiring as the possibilities that lie locked up in the head and breast of a young man."


Earliteens face tremendous challenges in today's world.  As they transition into their teenage years, they undergo a variety of changes mentally, physically, and spiritually.  Their ability to make good decisions independent of their parents or guardians faces critical obstacles. 


Despite these obstacles, there is hope!  Earliteens can--

  • Live with a conscious awareness that their life has value and significance
  • "See" that there is a purpose for their life
  • Make positive, life-changing "Destiny decisions" at an early age


Living with the awareness of purpose produces powerfully positive feelings within the heart and mind of a young person.  It strengthens their ability to make sound decisions for life. 


This thought-provoking presentation uses colorful illustrations, anecdotes and humor to challenge earliteens to discover their potential.  A question-and-answer session is held at the conclusion of the presentation.


Time Length: Approximately 50 minutes. 

Fee: (See below)





"What Are You Missing?" (CD)

Running Time: Approximately 40 minutes

Cost: $10.00 USD (plus S&H)

Listen to an excerpt from the seminar.


To order: Call 1.877.651.4GOD (4463), or email us at info@purpose-fullministries.org

Outside the U.S.: Call 1.515.244.4350




The following fee structure is based upon your anticipated group or crowd number. Please note that the fees are for the seminar presentation only. They do not include ancillary expenses such as travel, lodging, food, or ground transportation for the speaker. For more details, please see our Appearance Agreement or contact us at 1.877.651.4GOD (4463)


Group size 1-99:  $350.00 USD

Group size 100-299:  $500.00 USD

Group size 300-499:  $750.00 USD

Group size 500-999:  $1,000.00 USD

Group size 1000 or more:  (Call for quote) 


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